UPLB is currently embracing the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches in research as part of its thrust to make its research, development and extension programs more holistic, more inclusive, and of course, more responsive to the needs of the society.

Several program working groups were recently organized into preparatory committees which will form the core of Interdisciplinary Studies Centers.

These centers shall adopt and practice interdisciplinary conduct of intensive basic and applied research; develop a five-year interdisciplinary RDE agenda in support of the attainment of the Philippine development goals; develop, package and propose programs for internal and external funding; and pursue local, national, regional and global linkages with respect to strengthening and expanding interdisciplinary studies.

They will also synthesize past RDE projects and studies and ensure their wide dissemination through technical and popularized outputs and publications resulting from the studies; and assist the University in providing framework within which the harmonization, coordination, integration and synergy of all relevant existing and proposed programs of the University can be achieved.