The UP-ACE aims to develop a new generation of farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs with the end view of accelerating their integration in the market-driven economy and enhancing their competitiveness in the Asia- Pacific region. More specifically, the center aims to:

  1. improve the technical and management skills of farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs by providing responsive enterprise development programs and technical/management assistance
  2. facilitate adoption of appropriate technologies to help them strategize and secure a firm position in the market place
  3. enhance access to niche markets and improve competitiveness of their products by providing market linkages with processors, exporters and international business
  4. provide access to information related to production technologies, and marketing and financing, among others
  5. serve as a catalyst for agribusiness entrepreneurship and policy initiatives and advocacy
  6. promote sustainability of enterprise operations that adhere closely to national and global environmental concerns


UP ACE will accelerate the integration of small farmers in the market-driven economy and enhance the participation of small and medium- scale agro-based enterprises in the development of the country’s agribusiness sector. This is consistent with the national thrust of poverty alleviation and inclusive growth and development.


UP ACE will broaden the role of UPLB in strengthening the agriculture sector and related fields through agribusiness entrepreneurship. The field of agribusiness is multi-dimensional and cuts across various disciplines or fields of study. It consists of the whole agriculture sector (including forestry and fisheries), the agro-industrial component of the industry sector and the agro-services portion of the whole service sector. Businesses that are agriculture and agro-industrial-based are considered agribusinesses including those businesses in agricultural engineering, biotechnology, and food and forest products processing. Agribusiness entrepreneurship, on the other hand, is envisioned to bring about enterprise innovations in agriculture and related fields.


  1. Agribusiness Development Component
    • Agribusiness Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
    • Enterprise and Business Research
  2. Agribusiness Services Component
    • Agribusiness Information Services
    • Business Advisory and Management Services
    • Policy Advocacy 

Target Groups

  • CALABARZON farmers and entrepreneurs of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs)
  • Agribusiness sector in the Asia-Pacific region
  • UPLB community: faculty, staff, and students
  • Industry associations, LGUs, and cooperatives.


College of Economics and Management
University of the Philippines Los Baños
College, Laguna 4031, Philippines

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