• To facilitate interdisciplinary research, publication, and outreach programs on contemporary issues and problems relevant to Southern Luzon 
  • To establish linkages with other UPLB programs and centers and other academic institutions in the region of Southern Luzon in order to promote cooperative and collaborative research undertakings 


A Center that shall be of service in the areas of interdisciplinary research, information dissemination, and the institutionalization of “best practices” in regional studies in the Philippines


In the late 1980s, UP Los Baños launched the Southern Tagalog Studies Program to be more culturally-rooted in the immediate area of its operation. The Program received a Php2 million-seed money in 1995. The Bicol Studies Program was later established to widen the reach of the University. From 1995 to 1997, both were part of the UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies (UP CIDS) on local and regional studies. In 1998, management was transferred to the University. In 2013, the two programs were renamed as the Southern Luzon Studies Center.

Research Framework

The framework reflects a commitment to development, social welfare, and social justice and focuses on seven research agenda with emphasis on contemporary concerns and issues.

Urbanization Issues in the Era of Globalization - seeks to document and analyse social changes and consequences of globalization and urbanization

Impact of Population Transitions on Environment, Resources and Health - addresses issues on population links to environment (climate change), resources, and health.

Technology and Sustainable Development –shows differential impacts of technologies on various stakeholders, includingthe use and modification of indigenous knowledge (IK) and customary behaviour

Local Politics and Governance – studies the relationship between national and local politics and the latter’s implications on reforms for local governance

Communication and Language Studies -provides understanding of a people’s character and how they make sense of their world anchored on language as a primary symbolic medium for socialization, interaction, education, and construction of social reality

Local History, Tourism, and Festivals - focuses on the manifestations and initiatives in the microlevel to gain insights into a group’s ethos and contextualize social change by highlighting on local and oral history of communities including their traditional practices and festivals

Representation and Identities in Literature and the Arts - studies indigenous art forms (e.g., visual, performing, literary, spatial and folk arts)to reveal a people’s identity as well as their values, ideals, and worldviews

Some researches

  • Batak, Tagbanua, and Tau't Bato: An Endangered Culture in the Waves of Modernization
  • Nineteenth Century Conditions and the Revolution in the Province of Laguna
  • Bicol Churches: God's Word in Stone
  • Co-Existence of Scientific and Folk Medical Care and Practices in Batangas and Mindoro Provinces
  • Overt and Covert Gender in the Tagalog Language and Job-Related Values/Attitudes
  • Urbanization and Squatters: The Case of Calamba
  • Inventory and Analysis of Policies on Industrialization in the CALABARZON
  • An Annotation of 19th Century Archival Materials on the Province of Laguna
  • Natural Disasters in Community Life and Individual Experiences


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