To advance the knowledge and promote sustainable development of Mt. Makiling and other tropical mountain ecosystems through integrated and participatory research and demonstration programs


A national center for the advancement of tropical forest and mountain ecosystems management, and biodiversity conservation through innovative research and development programs

Main Facility

Our main facility for research and develoment is the 4,244-hectare Mount Makiling Forest Reserve (MMFR) established in 1910 through Proclamation No. 106. Its administration rests with the UPLB under RA 6967 thru the Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems (MCME) – an office that will soon morph into the Philippine Center for Topical Forest Science (PhilTROP).

PhilTROP will be the research, development and extension facility that will advance the frontiers of tropical forest science and its contribution to biodiversity conservation, ecological protection and sustainable economic development. The MMFR is the largest remaining contiguous natural forest closest to Manila. For more than 100 years, UPLB has been able to protect and conserve its natural beauty and biological diversity amid daunting pressures from human activities in and around the Reserve.

It is considered one of the best conserved, managed, and naturally intact forests in Southeast Asia and was proclaimed in 2013 as the 33rd ASEAN Heritage Park.


  1. Enhance the environmental, ecological, and socioeconomic services of MMFR
  2. Develop a modern educational, research and demonstration facility using traditional and state-of- the-art equipment and tools
  3. Conduct integrated studies on forest and natural resources management
  4. Develop science-based technological, social, economic, political, and institutional solutions for tropical forest conservation
  5. Conduct transdisciplinary, integrative and collaborative research on forestry and NRM
  6. Promote research partnership and collaboration nationally and regionally
  7. Facilitate the development of integrative tools and decision support systems for tropical forest management and biodiversity conservation


PHILTROP’s major research, development and extension component programs:

  1. Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction
  2. Water and watershed management
  3. Biodiversity conservation
  4. Participatory natural resources governance
  5. Ecotourism development

Key Outcomes


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