Provide innovative agri-fisheries and biosystems mechanization technologies through cutting edge research, strategic extension delivery methods, synergistic networking, and responsive policy advocacies towards environment-friendly, gender sensitive, and sustainable agri-fisheries, and biosystems modernization


Excellence in RDE committed to agri-fisheries and biosystems mechanization in the Philippines that is responsive to the challenges of food security, energy sustainability, environmental protection, climate change, and globalisation.


AMDP was established in 1979 by UPLB’s College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT) (then Institute of Agricultural Engineering or INSAET), as its research and development and extension program in agricultural mechanization. In 1997, AMDP became part of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering of CEAT with approval of the UP Board of Regents at its 1107th meeting on 17 April 1997. Since its inception, AMDP has been undertaking various activities that contribute towards increasing agricultural productivity, improving the income of farmers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs, and shaping the RD&E and policy directions of mechanization in the country. 


  1. Improve the production and postproduction system of the agro-fisheries sector
  2. Improve the local manufacturing system and linkages with foreign counterparts
  3. Lead and coordinate the agricultural and fishery mechanization RDE program of relevant academic institutions in the country
  4. Develop agro-fisheries business enterprises
  5. Strengthen RD&E capabilities of SCUs
  6. Develop specialized technology packages for agri-aqua mechanization
  7. Increase adoption of agro-fisheries mechanization technologies
  8. Increase generation and adoption of renewable and other alternative sources of energy
  9. Improve the agricultural mechanization support system through appropriate policy recommendations 

Core Competencies


With technical backstopping provided by the IAE faculty, composed of its engineers, researchers, and extension workers, AMDP has:


The Director 
Agricultural Mechanization Development Program
Institute of Agricultural Engineering 
College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology 
University of the Philippines Los Baños 
College, Laguna 4031, Philippines

Telefax: (+63) 49 536-3606; (+63) 49 536-2686