• Build capacity in nanotechnology through human resource and facilities development
  • Provide nanotechnology solutions to problems relating to agriculture, forestry, and industry through a nich R&D program
  • Build sustainable linkages with industry and the consuming public


The lead institution in education, research, and development in nanotechnology applications for agriculture, forestry, and the industry.


Significance Nanoscience and nanotechnology are two emerging fields projected to revolutionize and create a paradigm shift for 21st century agriculture,forestry, and the food industry. Nanotechnology’s potential impact on agriculture is expected to contribute significantly to national development and global competitiveness of agricultural, food, and forest products. With the program, UPLB is taking the lead in improving agricultural and forest productivity, and food and environmental safety and security through a coherent, interdisciplinary nanotechnology R&D program involving the collaboration of all disciplinal areas of science and engineering.


  • Provide a core of highly trained experts through the institution of the MS Materials Science and Engineering degree program with agri-food nanotechnology as one of the specialized fields
  • Provide the enabling environment for interdisciplinary and collaborative research in these areas of study and provide a platform for collaboration with industry for product development and commercialization
  • Develop/validate methods and standards for risk analysis of nano materials and be actively involved in their risk assessment and management
  • Provide technical support and analytical services to the other educational institutions, government agencies, and the private sector as well as expert advice in relation to nanotechnology policy development 

Key Programs


  • Institution of the MS Material Science and Engineering degree program, an interdisciplinary program focusing on the applications of materials science, especially nanotechnology applications in agriculture, forestry, and industry.
  • Short non-degree training courses to serve the needs of the private sector, other government research agencies, and universities.


  • Agricultural land forest nanotechnology
  • Nanotechnology applications for food industries
  • Nanotechnology for the environment
  • Nanotechnology for the development of environmentally-friendly products

Analytical and Instrumentation Services

  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
  • BET Physisorption Analyzer
  • Dynamic Light Scattering Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer
  • Inductively Coupled-Optical Emission Spectrometer
  • X-RAY Diffractometer
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Ultra-Fast Liquid Chromatograph With Diode Array Detector
  • Spectrofluorophotometer
  • Cyclic Voltammeter
  • Nano Spray Dryer
  • Fluorescence Microscope
  • Ultracentrifuge
  • UV-Vis with Microplate Reader
  • Twin-Screw Extruder 


UPLB Nanotech Program
Institute of Chemistry
College of Arts and Sciences
University of the Philippines Los Baños
Colllege, Laguna 4031, Philippines

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Fax. No. (+63) 49 536-2241 

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