The NP Interdisciplinary Studies Center serves as a hub for natural products researchers, educators, policy- makers, farmers, and the industry. From information on potential poisonous crops to researches on novel bioactives, these needs will be addressed while making the country’s biodiversity its primary focus of concern.


A center that truly celebrates the biodiversity of the Philippines in the integrative research and targeted development of natural products for the betterment of life of the Filipinos.


Unsustainable use of our natural products will result in the decline of Philippine biodiversity. Thus, the Natural Products Interdisciplinary Studies Center is undertaking researches that aim not only to derive natural products but also to replenish the natural resources and optimize the finished product. Inclusive growth will be a focus in the Center’s activities by bringing the output of research and development to the public through extension activities. 

Research Thrusts and Priorities

  • Conduct intensive basic and applied RDEon natural products coming from different organisms and from organisms’ interactions
  • Tap the interface between health and agriculture through functional foods and nutraceuticals
  • Establish the efficacy of bioactive natural products for various applications like medicines, cosmeceuticals, biopesticides and bioagrochemicals
  • Increase product yield through breeding and induced mutation
  • Augment natural sources of products through selection, improved agriculture, and biotechnology
  • Develop quality raw materials for use in the industry
  • Provide optimum delivery systems of natural products
  • Understand the activities of the natural product at the molecular level and influence their synthesis through genetic engineering 


A symposium with exhibit and a lecture have been organized by the NP RDE. Team members delivered professorial chair lectures and helped disseminate information to the public. Two research program proposals were packaged, and some of the projects under these have been funded by national government agencies. The Center was instrumental in laying down the research agenda for the Program on Indigenous Plants for Health and Wellness.


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College of Arts and Sciences
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